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Rainbow Hand

A positive sign if ever there was one…nature reflecting its beauty on a child’s precious hand. This is a recent moment Vas captured with his daughter and it made us (truly) realise that although his background is not in illustrating children’s books – working to produce art for ABC with Lullaby and AP Pressing was a decision made well. We both agree that when you do something from the heart, with the best of intentions – little else matters. His selfless attitude, support of our idea alongside his love for drawing proved that he was the right person to bring our characters and stories to life.

“When someone believes in you, it can take you to places that you never thought you could go! The power of great literature can be expressed in so many beautiful ways through illustrations, which makes learning fun for all ages. AP Pressing wanted children and their families to appreciate the words and illustrations as a package and contribute to inspiring their readers to enjoy reading. Having this all in mind made illustrating ABC with Lullaby feel effortless, extremely enjoyable and definitely beneficial,” Vas recently commented. Illustration draft 3

Vas currently works in the Architectural industry – still drawing but unlike illustrating for a younger audience – structured differently and complex in its own way. Bringing passion and positivity in everything he does – his interest in drawing, design and artistic creation begun at a very young age and he has always been ‘drawn’ to it. A proud dad, inspired by family, creative at heart.

We hope the world agrees with and accepts the simplicity and trueness of our intentions.


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