“What is this letter?” I asked my then 3 year old daughter, pointing to the lower case ‘a’ in the book.
“I don’t know that one Mummy,” she replied in confusion. She had absorbed all the upper case letters when we would practice and could even write some but couldn’t make the connection between both cases.

And so the idea was confirmed. The decision to focus our first children’s book on the alphabet and specifically upper and lower case letters was now set in concrete (or paper)! And wow did it help them!

Let’s rewind…
When I was growing up (early primary age) I remember wanting to be a teacher.
Then I grew up and felt I still wanted to teach but in a different way – not having to be in a class room full time.
I feel I have the best of both worlds now and am working hard to realise my dreams. A dream that never went away. Yet I didn’t really notice until I became a mother that I wanted to inspire and motivate children (including my own) through our books and through my presence around children, their families and teachers – to learn and embrace the fundamentals of their early learning years.

The AP Pressing books were born and I became an Author! A suburban mama, without a celebrity status, working at it bit by bit or (letter by letter) and child by child. The long, slow or hard way (however you choose to look at it), without too many connections – only my passion as the driver.

No one said it would be easy…

Career parents – this part’s for you! Parenting and working can be rewarding, fulfilling and yet make you anxious and even guilty. But I know, I can do both and have a positive impact on my children. And if you want to or need to, you should also do both and make it work.
In 2010 I made the decision to stay at home with my kids. I was anxious about leaving them and I didn’t want to miss a single milestone. The idea of writing for children came by and while it was a very ‘outside the box’ thought, it was a light bulb moment for me. Stay home with the kids, write for them and with them – then share it with the world. Daunting! Probably crazy. But I would not change a thing!

Discover what it is you want to achieve and then work towards it. Back yourself, because you are the best supporter of you. Make your decisions with the right intentions and do what feels right at each moment. Change is ok. Most would agree that things seldom remain the same. Or that everything is easy. Though difficulties arise along the way, you can decide whether it is worth it.
I know my children can already see that if you want to achieve something so much and make a difference it can take a lot of effort, perseverance, courage and a positive attitude (amongst other things of course).

The books I’ve published relate to important topics of interest to me (literacy and numeracy) and link directly with early learning concepts for children from birth and beyond. I aim to motivate children and parents through my writing to enjoy books and see their educational benefits.

Reading for fun improves literacy and numeracy skills in kids

I agree with some of the concepts in this article especially that (more important than ever) in this digital world, we need to encourage and support the children around us to realise the impact of reading books! The benefits just can’t be ignored!

If you can do just one more thing tonight, before bed, I encourage you to click on the book links below, see the page snippets and read the blurbs of our current titles…









And if, by reading this, I have inspired you in some positive way – my basic aim has been fulfilled.

Karol Pavlickovski
AP Pressing Pty Ltd

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