ABC with Lullaby – 2nd Edition

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Karol Pavlickovski

Learning the alphabet can be fun – especially in the garden!
This colourful rhyming book has a literacy focus. Lullaby starts at Aa and makes her way to Zz, one letter at a time.

Additional information at the back of the book has been included to encourage further discussion and learning.

ISBN: 9780994514226
Cover: Hardback
Dimensions: 9.3″ x 7.7″


4 reviews for ABC with Lullaby – 2nd Edition

  1. Ana

    We love reading this to our boys and letters! Unlike other books it focuses on both the big and small letters and it is colourful and fun

    • admin

      Thank you for your comments. It definitely is colourful and fun! We hope you continue to enjoy reading our books with your boys!

      AP Pressing

  2. Bob

    Our new favourite alphabet book! We love the rhyming story and illustrations…perfect for our kinder and primary aged grandchildren!

    • admin

      We love this! Thank you so much!

      AP Pressing

  3. Billie

    The book has reinforced my 4 year old daughters knowledge of the alphabet. We could not have got ABC with lullaby at a better time for my little one! Great gift idea too.

    • admin

      Oh yay! Exactly what we wanted to hear/know. Thank you so much for sharing your positive experience.

  4. Demi

    The story, rhyming sentences and colourful pictures really helps to make this book engaging and fun. So nice to see a different way of learning the alphabets. Love it! x

    • admin

      Thank you so much for your wonderful recognition of our stories. Means so much!

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