Zoo 012 – Count with Melody and Lullaby

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Karol Pavlickovski

Counting can be fun – especially at the zoo!
This bright rhyming book has a numeracy focus. Melody and Lullaby start at zero and make their way to ten, counting their favourite animals.

Additional information at the back of the book has been included to encourage further discussion and learning.

ISBN: 9780994514233
Cover: Hardback
Dimensions: 9.3″ x 7.7″


4 reviews for Zoo 012 – Count with Melody and Lullaby

  1. Ana

    Learning the numbers has never been more fun! We have loved following Melody and Lullaby’s journey and this book has become a favourite in our house x

    • admin

      We couldn’t agree with you more! It’s always amazing to know that our books are in the favourites category…
      AP Pressing

  2. Bob

    Nice and short but very effective, counting from 0 to 10! A great follow on book from ABC with Lullaby…so glad we have them both!

    • admin

      Thank you for your extremely kind words! They will always be well received.

      AP Pressing

  3. Michael

    Such a unique book with very colourful characters. My daughter really enjoyed the rhyming.

    • admin

      So thrilled that you are enjoying our books!

  4. Demi

    Absolutely love the combination of animals and counting from 0-10! The perfect book to start counting single digit numbers x

    • admin

      Such beautiful feedback! Thank you so much Demi…

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