Is it just me or has this term flown?! 😱 Term 1 break and Easter (yay) is approaching, so I thought it would be a good time to check in on my fellow parents. Hope your kiddos (and you) are settling into the new routine nicely.

Before school started for my preppy and year 1 chickies I was told by many that “you will have so much time to get things done now that both your girls are in school!” Ummm NO! 😂 Who agrees with me that…Time between drop off and pick up goes by in a blink!? I get stuff done, yes, but not as much as you would expect 😬 Well some days are better than others. The juggle is real 🤣 Hubby  probably thought 💭  ‘yes! The house will always be spotless and she’s gonna get so much done.’ Sorry Mr AP Pressing 😂
Anyway…do your best, keep ticking off those things on your list and take a break when you need it.

Below I’ve added the message I wrote when my girls started school this year. It’s just another reminder for us to consider, in hope that it may help some parents or carers out there. Not just at the start of the year but throughout. Especially the last part 😘



My baby will join my eldest at school.
But I promised myself that I won’t break the rule.
I’ll try not to let them she me cry.
But if they do, it’s ok, I’ll be sure to explain why.
IF I cry it’s not that I’m sad that they are both growing,
It’s something else they are better off knowing.
Any tears – will be proud and filled with joy.
Sending off your baby – sweet girl or little boy.
Trust that they will be safe and soon find their ground.
The teachers will guide them ‘til the final bell sound.
School is a big step for us all to go through.
But that’s exactly what you would want them to do?
Develop and learn things they wouldn’t have known.
Oh my – these years, how they’ve flown!

Hug them and take each day one by one.
And remind them to make every day fun.


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