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I don’t know about you all, but these holidays have just flown by for us!! The past weekend we managed to sneak in a final short family getaway before our kiddies start school/kinder. Such beautiful places to see out there – the kids weren’t quite ready to return home. During our time away I was able to really reflect on my thoughts and feelings about our girls commencing school and kinder later this week and next. I know this is an emotional time for a lot of parents and carers out there so I hope that the words below can inspire some positivity to help get you through this amazing time – for both you and the children around you. It sure did help me! No doubt there will still be some tears on day one, but ones leaning towards pride rather than anxiety or sadness. One day my girls will be able to read this too and hopefully appreciate its rawness. Straight from the heart. With love. Mum.

Some words from Mum…before school has begun

A mix of emotions, all rolled in to one. The feelings are strong – the thoughts weigh a ton.
My child is about to enter the big world out there. All I can do is show them I care.

I should not be afraid to shed some tears – and let them wash away my fears.
A natural step most parents go through. Little else you may feel you can do?

So I choose to take it one step at a time. One reason I decided to write this rhyme.
A way to help me sift through my jumbled mind. In hope that the answers, I will find.

I need to let them go and focus on being proud. As I watch them join the busy school crowd.
It brings me so much joy watching them grow. This part is definite, I know!

I want to be there for every milestone. Ensure they know they are not alone.
Guide them to accept change with confidence. Equip them to make their own decisions and understand the consequence.
Explore their independence as they grow tall. But enjoy life most of all!

At the end of the day, I need to trust they will be ok. Be positive and just support them along the way.

You may or may not feel the same? But in sharing your feelings there is no shame.



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