So, until yesterday, I had not posted on here for basically the entire year 😳 Whoops! But in all honesty, there is so much stuff online these days – I don’t think there will be any complaints about the frequency of AP Pressing / Karol posts… I know these days it’s a lot about having content and a regular consistent presence online. I know many may disagree with me, but personally I’d rather post on our website when I have something that I want to share rather than just a big bunch of my stuff. Mind you, some do this really well. It’s just not my thing at the moment. So if you don’t see many blog posts from me it’s just because my time (like many others) is limited and I’d rather go out to visits and help kids form positive reading and learning habits and inspire their love of literature. I want to assist educators with their early learning aims for their students. I’m more about getting out there and working in those environments, sharing our stories and aiming to inspire and motivate.

Anyway…next topic…deadline met! Our books were published in December 2017! Crack open the water (because that’s my go to drink these days) 🎉🥛 or milk since there is no water emoji –  actually there’s this? 💦 🤷🏻‍♀️

Let me officially introduce and tell you a little bit about our 3 additions, which you don’t already know from Facebook or Instagram:

📔 ABC with Lullaby (2nd edition)







Finally I have my original idea, as I wanted!
Hardback, landscape, glossy pages, cute size, colourful, fun and educational.

Honestly, the story was kind of hard to get right…especially the second half of the alphabet. Have you tried rhyming with q w and x? 🤦🏼‍♀️
“But it needs to start with the upper case letter and then also have a lower case example in the text,” she said. “It will be easy,” she laughed. 😂 Thanks a lot Karol! 😁
Well, we got there in the end and we don’t like it.
We love it! 💜
Page by page. Letter by letter. Have fun with it.
Then at the end we’ve added some special notes to try and help you on your literacy journey. A few things that really helped us, which we wanted to pass on to our readers! If it’s useful – you are welcome. If not, that’s ok. You can’t please everyone, all the time 🙃

📔 Zoo 012 – Count with Melody and Lullaby
Hardback, landscape, glossy pages, cute size, colourful, fun and educational.
Dejavu hahah Matching with its sibling (ABC with Lullaby) and follows on nicely, we think!
Who doesn’t like the zoo?! (some people probably) 🤔
Count the animals too!
Got it Karol!
Simple text trying to promote early readers confidence in reading. They shouldn’t fall asleep through this one 😂 It’s over before you know it!
Check that we have the right amount of each animal. Find the rhyme pattern. And again some special notes to encourage further discussion and learning. Big ✅ from this mama. Ignore the fact that I wrote it 😂
If you are wondering…no I didn’t want to start at one. Zero is a number too and it’s kind of important? 0️⃣☺️

📔 Zoo 012 Colouring Book

Paperback, landscape, glossy cover, cute size, fun and educational.
So glad we decided to do this one too!
It’s cute! It’s fun! It’s easy!
Get creative with your colours and make it your own. Practice counting, recognizing the numbers and even colouring within the lines! I’m talking about your kids but you adults can also get involved. I did!

From what I have been told numerous times – there is already reader interest in a third story book! 👏🏼 That totally blows my mind!
So much positive words spoken about all 3 books. If only we humans (myself included – I totally get it) had more time to sit down and provide written feedback comments on websites and on other platforms – especially for small businesses.

I’m starting to think people won’t take my word for it… 😂

All our books are fitting in nicely into their new homes in schools and with families.

Scroll through the AP Pressing Instagram and Facebook posts to see our books in the hands or shelves of some of their new owners. Continue to watch that space!

Can’t wait to get out there again this year and spread more of the Melody and Lullaby ‘rhythm’ to as many precious little learners, readers, their families and educators – as we can!

Stay positive. Work hard. Aim high.




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