me splash of colourYou may not always know it from the start. It may just eventually decide to appear in your mind. Possibly as a “too outside the box” thought. But then, when the time is right and although it may feel impossible…you believe and go for it? And you turn it into possible! Passion to achieve a dream can come in all different shapes and sizes. Mine just happens to be in the form of two little girls – funnily enough they are my daughters ?

For as long as I can recall I have loved to write greeting card messages (usually in rhyme) thinking about the person and occasion. I rarely allow myself to write a message that is not personalised. Before the girls were born, publishing books for children was merely an idea. Of course a possibility, but a pretty scary one given that I’ve always been quite a quiet and private person by nature. Oh and the fact that I knew little about publishing ?

I started writing the very minute the idea appeared in my ‘mind’. People tend to ponder for a while before taking action. I have come a long way since then.

VERY EARLY STAGES – idea + pen to paper + determination = ABC with Lullaby

Writing image 2Writing image 3ABC-Front-Page2-Final








Granted, it has taken me a while to reach this point. I was somewhat preoccupied with two bubs under the age of 2. Family always comes first. But then the time eventually felt right for me to achieve both. Family first and career in between. It helps that they are both intertwined. It also helps to have an extraordinary support network behind you. Those who believe right along side you!!

I want to be their inspiration as they are definitely mine.
To cut an almost six year long story short – the girls inspired me to continue writing. Over the years it has gradually turned into: our ideas coming together, mum voicing their interests in rhyme, which we all love! They learn as we go. Then we share what is clearly working for us. Simple!? Well I wouldn’t say simple but totally ‘worth it!”

Mum writes books, incorporating their ideas ✔️
They get to hold them in their little hands ✔️✔️
Publishing allows us to contribute to and support children’s journey to literacy ✔️✔️✔️

Recognizing lower case letters was an issue for us – before ABC with Lullaby. Another purpose, already fulfilled.

Starting with the basics. Complexity can then increase with age. As they grow, we will continue to explore their changing interests and, together, produce honest, fun, colourful products that we hope our readers/users will find educational and continue to enjoy!

I am yet to meet a child that does not like education through play, books and reading or being read to. They may exist, and if they do I hope they too one day realize the beauty, achievement and power that is reading and writing.

For me, wondering whether it is worth it, was never an issue. I knew it would be. I get to do what I ? with and for those that I ? with the hope and aim that others can also benefit.

Work from home mum.

Extremely fortunate.

Totally blessed ??

Completely grateful!



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